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One important warning in advance: Malicious scripts can violate your privacy and act on your behalf!
You should only install scripts from sources you trust.

But now back to the topic at hand: If you feel that this extension

  • helps when you're browsing your favorite sites or
  • it makes you more productive at work or
  • maybe just simplifies a online game you're playing

then please consider

Thanks for your help.

As you may know, in order for Tampermonkey to actually do something, you need userscripts. The new Userscript.Zone website can help you as it allows you to search for userscripts by URL, domain or search term. So give it a try!

A list of other script sources can be found here.

Below there is a short overview of some of Tampermonkey's key features. Maybe you'll find something useful. 🤓


Easy Script Access

popup menu

The Tampermonkey's popup is useful for quickly and easily managing installed userscripts. In some browsers you have to manually pin the icon to see it all the time. It allows users to enable or disable scripts, view the status of scripts, and start update checks without leaving the current page. This makes it easy for users to control the behavior of their installed userscripts and customize their browsing experience. Furthermore the number of running scripts is displayed as small number right at the extension icon near the address bar. ( video tutorial)

Script Overview

script overviewClick at the image to view full size

Tampermonkey's dashboard shows a clear overview of the scripts that are installed. You can see when they were updated the last time, if they do have a homepage, you can sort them and many more... ( video tutorial)

Multiple Configuration Modes

config mode

You can choose between three different configuration modes Novice, Beginner and Advanced. This allows power user to access and use advanced features and capabilities of Tampermonkey. ( video tutorial)

Automatic Script Update

script update settings

Automatic updates can help to keep you userscripts secure by automatically installing the latest security patches and updates. It can also help to maintain compatibility by automatically installing the latest updates for web page changes. You will also automatically benefit from latest features and enhancements added. You can setup how often the scripts will be checked for updates.


security settingsClick at the image to view full size

Only the paranoid survive! Blacklist all sites that never should be accessible by a userscript.


compatibility settings

Tampermonkey offers a compatibility layer for older userscripts and userscripts that were written to run at Greasemonkey (<= 3.x) It tries to detect which options are necessary automatically.

Script Synchronization

sync settings

You're using more than one browser, one at home and one at work? Simply enable Tampermonkey's sync feature to synchronize your scripts.

CodeMirror Editor

editor settings

You need to develop or edit a script? No problem! Tampermonkey comes with a built-in editor.

Syntax Check with ESLint

editor with linter hintsClick at the image to view full size

Your script doesn't work? Tampermonkey's syntax check might find the issue... 😅

Rapid development

allow access to file urlsClick at the image to view full size

Tampermonkey's editor is OK, but you want to use your own? The solution is to enable file access and to @require the local copy of your script.

You can also try out the Tampermonkey Editors extension to edit the script at vscode.dev


If you're not happy with Tampermonkey (this is unlikely to happen, but who knows 😉), then you can remove it at the browser's extension page.