Tampermonkey® by Jan Biniok

Recent Changes

If you encounter unreliable script injection after this update, then please check this FAQ entry.
Fix GM_unregisterMenuCommand
Fix GM.saveTab
Make @sandbox always default to raw
Make console methods enumerable again
Disable wrappedJSObject compatibility option by default
Internal rework and cleanup
Fix an issue that script updates were disabled on sync triggered change imports
Fix issues with heavily increased page loading time caused by some scripts or @requires
Allow drag and drop inside the editor again
Update Chinese (traditional) translation | thanks to SiderealArt
Update Italian translation | thanks to bovirus
Update Danish translation | thanks to will2022
Sandbox improvements
Improved compatibility for userstyles installed as userscript
Add an option to control whether to bind GM API functions to the userscript's execution context and sandbox window (and do it by default only if necessary)
Details: Enabling this makes it very easy for a userscript to accidentally leak its granted powers to the page
Treat @include a little bit more like @match if :// is present and add an option to control @include's behavior
Details: Many script developers expect `@include *://tmnk.net/*` to match pages at `tmnk.net` only, but it also matches `https://example.com/?http://tmnk.net/`.
To improve this, @includes that contain a `://` are now interpreted a little bit different. Every `*` before `://` now only matches the URL scheme. Also, if `://` is directly followed by a `*` or a `/` somewhere, then the first `*` or all until `/` are applied to the hostname only.
Fix encoding of userscript file and URL imports
External @require and @resource content is not updated by default anymore unless the script was updated
Show script and external resources size in dashboard
Show last updated time as relative time if within 4 weeks or as absolute date otherwise
Fix darker theme quirk
Fix favicons with transparent background
Improve editor menu if advanced editor is disabled
Allow userscript installation via drag and drop to options page also in case local file access is disabled
Fix script positioning via drag and drop
Decrease extension size by removing jQuery dependency
Update Turkish translation | thanks to Tmp341
Make trash configurable (on/off/session only)
GM_xmlhttpRequest.responseType 'stream' support
Improve GM_xmlhttpRequest event timings and make response readable on request errors as well
Fix GM_xmlhttpRequest to forward status and statusText in fetch mode once available
Fix cookie overwriting in anonymous GM_xmlhttpRequest mode
Allow GM_getValue to return undefined as value
Improve JavaScript scriptlet support via @unwrap tag
Make GM_notification.highlight focus the window as well
Add MouseEvent/KeyboardEvent argument to GM_registerMenuCommand callbacks
Add a focus method to the return value of GM_openInTab
Add a global and a per script setting to choose whether to run in incognito tabs
Add some more audio formats to the download file extension whitelist
Use up to ES2022 for linting if supported by the browser
Update ESLint
Add more second level domains (for .tld)
Always log an error at the page console if a @require or @resource couldn't be loaded
Fix several issues with older browser versions
Fix issues caused by extremely delayed setTimeout(..., 0) calls
Fix some userscript injection issues
Make cloud service re-authentication without user intervention less disturbing
Show an internal notification in case of an available extension update only*
* this will only affect the next update, sorry
Fix some rare exceptions happening in the wild
Sandbox improvements
Internal rework and cleanup
Shift key + mouse click based multi select
Dark mode improvements
Prefer an explicit set @name:en over @name
Show localized userscript name and description if available where possible
Update page title if script is renamed by save
Keep CRLF line endings on edit
Make import from URL support zip, JSON and plain userscript files
Replace worker based image cache to avoid problems at some browsers
Use higher resolution if Google's favicons service is used
Fix opening of zero byte externals
Use eslint-plugin-userscripts to highlight userscript header issues
Fix storage 'Reload' button and add 'Reset'
Fix ESLint to allow top-level await
Add a button to force a sync
WebDAV improvements
Fix unnecessary repeated exports
Trigger sync on move to trash
Fix TamperDAV double sync issue
Update Russian translation | thanks to wvxwxvw
Update Chinese (traditional) translation | thanks to ndbiaw and SiderealArt
Update Chinese (simplified) translation | thanks to xiaopangju and dnknn
Update Italian translation | thanks to bovirus
Update French translation | thanks to omerien
Update Portuguese-Brazil translation | thanks to igorruckert
Update Hindi translation | thanks to Yash-Singh1
Update Japanese translation | thanks to shirayuki